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Scholarship by Level of Education

Apply for scholarship for different level of education such as undergraduate, masters, M.Phil, fellowship, postgraduate, PhD, diploma and other level of education. There are scholarships for non-degree level of education such as training and certification program. Scholarships for online bachelor’s degree, online master’s degree, online training programs, online certification programs, online associate degree and online PhD degree are available too. Tap / click the level of education in the list below to start your application process:

To start the scholarship application process, simply tap or click the level of education above. It will show all of the available scholarships to apply for this year and next year. After that, simply by clicking the ‘Apply’ button, you can apply for the scholarship

Scholarship by Education Program

Apply for scholarship for different education programs. If you are interested to apply for scholarship of MBA or Engineering program, you can do it from here. There are 18 more education programs here. And you can apply for scholarships for any of these programs. Scholarship for online education program is also available. That means if you want to apply for scholarship for information technology, you can apply for online information technology degree as well. Students will find the best scholarship offers for the following education programs from here.

Tap / click any of the education program above to start the application process

Scholarship by Target Group

There are many scholarships available to particular group of students only. For example, there are some students for Asian students only. Students from other nations cannot apply for these. In this section, AdmissionScholarships has presented scholarship for 12 different groups. Here are scholarships for African students, Asian students, East Asian students, South Asian students, South East Asian students and so on. A separate section contains scholarship for students of developing countries only. There are scholarships for women, youth, US minorities, East European, Latin American and Pacific Icelanders as well.

Students belong to any of the group above can apply for these scholarships. The application process is very simple and straightforward. Simply tap / click on the name of the target group and all of the available scholarships for that particular group will show up.

Scholarship by Nationality​

There are many scholarships for certain nationalities only. That means students from a certain nation can apply for these. Here are scholarships for students from 44 different countries. For example – if you are from India, you have to apply for scholarships which are for Indian students only. If you are from Nigeria, then you have to apply for scholarships for Nigerians only. Nationality specific scholarships are easy to apply and achieve. Because these scholarships have been offered to help or encourage some particular nation. As a result, the competition is not that much extreme. For example – scholarship for students from Ghana is only for Ghanaians students. It makes it easier to earn the scholarship.

Tap / click on the name of the nation to apply for scholarships available to students from that nation.

Scholarship in Different Countries

Apply for scholarship in different counties from here. Sometimes students have particular choice of destination of higher studies. In this case, students can apply for scholarship in different countries from here. Popular destinations for higher studies such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore and several other countries’ scholarships are available here. If you want to study any of the following countries, you can apply for scholarships in those countries from here.

Here there are scope of applying for scholarship in both popular destinations for higher studies and other destination for higher studies. Simply choose the name of country from the list above where you want to apply for scholarship to being with the scholarship application process.

Top Scholarships

Apply for scholarships of the world. The AdmissionScholarships team has analyzed all of the scholarships and categorized them based on the benefits they offer. In out analysis, the scholarships we have categorized as top scholarships have been enlisted below. If you want to apply for top scholarships of the world, then this section for you. To make the scholarship application process easier, the top scholarships have further categorized. For example, top MBA scholarship, top prestigious scholarship, top university scholarship, top excellent scholarship, top scholarship for women and so on.

To apply for the top scholarships of the world, simply choose the category of the top scholarships from the list above. Then the list of the top scholarships will show up. Apply using the ‘Apply Now’ button directly.