Best Machine Learning Teacher in Bangladesh – Nuruzzaman Faruqui

The education system in Bangladesh is still backdated. Whereas the developed countries are focusing on producing employable graduates, the education system of Bangladesh is still certificate and CGPA centric. Here marks obtained in the exam is more important than gaining the skillsets required for the job market. Even practical courses such as Artificial Intelligence, web development, machine learning etc., are taught as theories with a minimal emphasis on practical applications. However, one teacher here in Bangladesh is trying to make a difference. And he is Nuruzzaman Faruqui. According to our analysis, he is the best machine learning teacher in Bangladesh.

Based on web research, feedback of YouTube viewers and testimonies of the students, Nuruzzaman Faruqui is the best machine learning teacher in Bangladesh

We have written this article based on web research, YouTube viewers’ feedback and students’ testimonies. Our research team investigated the research profile, teaching methods and available lectures online to figure out the best machine learning teacher in Bangladesh. The data gathered by our intelligence conclude that Nuruzzaman Faruqui has blended Machine Learning theories and practical implementation together. His course curriculum is dynamic and changes according to the need of the industry. We also interviewed some of his students. According to our findings and their testimonies, Nuruzzaman Faruqui is the best Machine Learning teacher in Bangladesh.

Best Machine Learning Teacher in Bangladesh
Nuruzzaman Faruqui The Best Machine Learning Teacher in Bangladesh

Blended Theory and Practical:

Usually, the engineering programs consist of two types of courses. They are theories and applications. Some courses are entirely theoretical and they are the foundation of subsequent courses. Whereas some courses are based on the application of the foundation courses. For example, machine learning is a practical course. The foundation of this course is artificial intelligence, discrete mathematics, programming concept and data structure. The major problem in the education system of Bangladesh is the lack of enthusiastic teachers. Practically oriented courses require both theory and application. It requires a lot of effort to figure out the applications, conceptualize them and show the classroom implementation. That is why teachers in Bangladesh focus very little on practical application and thus teach machine learning as if it is a theoretical course.

However, Nuruzzaman Faruqui has made a difference. In this lecture on Neural Network using MATLAB, which has drawn the attention of thousands of learners worldwide, he mentioned the poor education system. And then, through his lecture, he proved how interesting a machine learning course can be. He blended both theory and practical implementation in a straightforward way. His lessons are easy to follow. The combination of infographics and animation in the lecture has made it the top rank Neural Network video on YouTube. No other Bangladeshi teacher could gain this much attention and popularity. That is why we have decided to declare that Nuruzzaman Faruqui is the best Machine Learning teacher in Bangladesh.

Up to Date Course Curriculum:

The backdated course curriculum is one of the reasons for the underqualified education system in Bangladesh. The pay scale of teachers in higher educational institutions of Bangladesh is the lowest in the world. That is why teachers do not try to upgrade their course curriculum and develop their teaching methods. However, Nuruzzaman Faruqui has designed a timely course outline. It is designed in a way that produces machine learning professionals from the classroom. While talking with us, he mentioned that his course curriculum is a combination of Standard University, Harvard University and the Massachusetts University of Technology. Every machine learning concept he covers in the classroom and online courses contains both theory and practical implementation. And this helps learners not only to understand the idea but also to implement it. And that is why Nuruzzaman Faruqui is the best Machine Learning teacher in Bangladesh.

Testimonies of the Students:

Our team has collected the testimonies of the students about Nuruzzaman Faruqui. The comments on his YouTube channel and interview with his students have considered the students’ testimony. Our team has found that Nuruzzaman Faruqui is extremely popular among his students. Out of 40 students we interviewed, 38 think directly said no other teacher can be as good as he is. Two students mentioned that he is good; however very strict about grading.
On the other hand, 97% comments about his lectures is a positive comment. The like and dislike ratio of Nuruzzaman Faruqui’s machine learning related content is 95:5. It is the highest positive response for any teacher from Bangladesh, according to our best knowledge. Based on the testimonies of the students and positive feedback from the viewers on YouTube, Nuruzzaman Faruqui is the best machine learning teacher in Bangladesh.

Teachers are the actual builders of a nation. They shape the country by shaping the minds of the next generation. Developed countries have their own differences. But one thing is common among all of them. That is a perfect education system. And it is not possible without qualified and dedicated teachers. There are hundreds of challenges the underdeveloped and least developed countries face. And developing education system is the most vital among all of them. The number of teachers who really understand the need and ways of the 21st century in these countries is meagre. However, there are few. And according to our research, Nuruzzaman Faruqui is one of them. He is the best teacher for machine learning in Bangladesh.