Why Study Medicine

Studying medicine requires longer than most of the degrees. The entry requirements in medical schools are also stricter and tougher. Then why study medicine? Everyone has their own unique motivation behind choosing a subject. There are different reasons why people study medicine degree. Sometimes it is social motivation, sometimes it is financial gain. Whatever the reason is it is for sure that studying medicine requires a long-term commitment. That is why it is tough decision to make. In this article, we have demonstrated the top 7 reasons why should you study medicine.

Top 7 Reasons to Study Medicine

As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons someone may want to study medicine. In this article, we have focused on the top 7 reasons of choosing medical school. We believe this article will help you to make wise decision while choosing a career path.


Doctors save life – what can be greater act than this? This is where the respect is. Everyone knows the dedication and effort it requires to pass the medical school. Whenever people hear you are a doctor, the respect is a common response because they know what you have gone through during your 8 years in medical school. Sickness, illness and physical damage for accidents are always a part of life. Nobody knows when one is going face any of these. And when it happens, everyone knows the only person who can help him is a doctor. No matter how the society and our life is going to change, there will be the need of doctors. That is why doctors have respect of individuals and the society. That is why study medicine.

You Know it All

We, humans are marvelous and sophisticated creature. But how many of us truly know how we actually function? There are young minds who are always looking for the answers. If you are one of them, you should study medicine. Studying medicine is the best way to know every why and how about human body. It is a field where learning has no ending. And it guarantees that your thirsty mind will always have something fascinating to learn. That is why study medicine.

Employment Assurance

Statistics shows that 99.99% medicine graduates are employed within 6 months of their graduation. This is by far the highest graduate to employment ratio. Employment opportunity is assured for physicians. And the scenario will remain unchanged until humans stop getting ill or ran into accidents. Which is impossible and thus job scarcity for medicine graduate is impossible. That is why study medicine.

Highest-paid Profession

Medical professionals are one of the top 5 highest-paid profession in most of the developed countries. The more qualification a physician gains the more salary he enjoys. Very few professions has such rapid salary growth rate. With experience and additional expertise, the compensation keep growing in medical profession. The following table contains the average salary of doctors in United States (US):

  1. Registered Nurse (RN) – 63,500 USD/year
  2. Dentist – 131,000 USD/year
  3. Pediatrician – 145,000 USD/year
  4. Family doctor/physician – 185,000 USD/year
  5. Neurologist – 201,000 USD/year
  6. Oncologist – 260,000 USD/year

Who doesn’t need financial solvency? That is why study medicine.

Wide Range of Career Opportunities

It is a common belief that medical degree has only one option – General Practitioners (GP). However, the actual scenario is different. There are opportunities to work choose adventurous career in armed force and serve internationally, medical graduates can choose research as career, they can work as a medical journalist or serve in public health sector. And if someone wants to remain in hospital as a doctor, there are over 60 areas of specialization such as surgery, neurologist, oncologist, psychiatry, and anesthesia and so on. Actually medicine study is an umbrella term under which there numerous fields to choose from. That is why study medicine.

Exciting and Challenging Everyday

A common complain of most of the professionals is monotonous life. You are doing a bank job, basically doing same thing every day.  Working in marketing, what else you can have without increasing the sale? Most of the job sectors are alike – there is a set of tasks and that is it. However, medical profession is different. You are making a difference every day. You are saving life, you are alleviating sufferings, and you are helping people to return to their lives. It is exciting and challenging every day. That is why study medicine.

Socializing and Networking

One of the advantages of being a doctor is constant growth of network. A medicine practitioner meets new people from all walks of life every day. People trust doctors and confide in them. And thus patients always remember their doctors. While practicing every day, you are not only doing your job but also developing your network. That is why doctors are influential individuals. It is a common trait that people like socializing with influential people. As a result, doctors are most of cases, heavily respected in the society. That is why study medicine.

Scholarship for Medicine Study

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Everything comes with a price. The better it is the costlier it is. The medical profession offers everything someone needs. It offers employment assurance, it offers respect and recognition, it ensures financial solvency and a diverse career path with full of excitement and challenges. Undoubtedly medical degree better than most of the field of study. However, it requires tremendous effort and long term commitment to graduate from a medical school. If you faith in you that you have what it requires, then why not aiming for the best. So, if the question is asked again – why study medicine? We believe you have the answer.