Why Study Software Engineering

Software Engineering – an engineering discipline is drawing the attention of millions of students worldwide. The question is why. Why is it becoming so popular and outperforming other engineering disciplines? If this question is bothering you or you really want to find the answer to the question – ‘Why Study Software Engineering?’, you are at the right place. Let’s see why you should study software engineering.

Just in United States (U.S.), there are 4.4 million software engineers. Now think about worldwide. According to different news sources, there are nearly around 24 million software engineers in the world. Within 2 years, the number is expected to cross 28 million. There are around 1,365,500 jobs available right now. And the employment rate is growing by 21% per year. Are you surprised by the number? The average salary of an entry-level software engineer is $119,546 annually. The range is from $45,000 to $248,000. So, software engineering can get you a job easier and quicker than other engineering disciplines with a handsome salary. And that is why study software engineering.

Quick Job After Graduation (92% Employment Rate)

There are many reasons of studying software engineering. Quick employment opportunity is one of those. Nobody studies in universities and colleges just to get a degree. There are many dreams behind hard work and dedication in the university. Dreams can vary from person to person. However, one dream is common to everyone. It is a job after graduation with decent payment. Graduates from different disciplines often find it very difficult to get the first job. Even some well-qualified graduates face the same hardship. However, the scenario is different for software engineering graduates.

In recent years, the employment rate of software engineers has been 92% which is higher than any other field of engineering. And the vacancy increased by 21% in this year. In-plane numbers, there are 1,365,500 jobs available. And employers are looking for qualified software engineers. So, do you want to ensure that you won’t wander around from one company to another for a job? Do you want to get a job right after graduation with decent pay? Who doesn’t want that? And that is why study software engineering.

A Six-Figure Median Pay

One of the reasons of studying software engineering is the handsome payment. Software engineering is one of the few engineering disciplines that pays a 6-figure median salary. In the United States, the lowest starting salary for a software engineer is $45,000. And the highest is $248,000. Which implies the median pay is $120,000. If you want to study a subject that pays a 6-figures salary initially, you should study software engineering.

Software engineering is a little different from other engineering. Whereas most engineering heavily depends on the application of concepts, software engineering mostly depends on theoretical concepts. As a result, sometimes, a beginner with a good understanding of the concept of software engineering can earn a very high-paying job that is above the median pay. And that is why study software engineering.

Being a Team Player

Another reason of studying software engineering is the scope of being an effective team. Are you a team player or a lone wolf? You might be wondering why it matters. Actually, there are some professions where you are on your own. Of course, there will be other employees. However, they will have nothing to do with your responsibility. In the world of software engineering, you always have to be a team player. A software engineering career is ultimately team-work oriented. In this career, you have to succeed with the team or lose with the team. There is nothing called ‘I’ in this field. There is only ‘We.’

So, if you are a team player or want to build up the skill of a team player, software engineering is for you. However, do not get us wrong. You are comfortable independently doesn’t mean that you can’t be a software engineer. All you have to do is go with the flow, and at the end of the day, you will find yourself a good listener, self-motivated and caring team player. Do you want these tremendous skills in you? If yes, that is why study software engineering.

You are the Solution

Some people try to avoid problems and feel comfortable alone. On the other hand, some people want fame and recognition. They embrace the difficulties and challenges. After that, they break down the issues piece by piece, analyze them and find the solution. Then they are recognized and appreciated by colleagues, friends, and family. Do you belong to this category? Are you one of these high achievers? If you are, you should study software engineering.

Because software engineering is all about finding solutions. Being a part of the team, you have to understand the problems, limitations, and requirements. Then you have to break them down into pieces, study and analyze them. Then you have to design and provide the solution. And once you come up with an excellent solution to a problem, your entire team appreciates you. This is every day of software engineering. Solving problems, being respected, gaining more fame and recognition. Do you have such ambition? If you do, software engineering is for you. And that is why study software engineering.

Bigger than You Think

A common complaint among senior professionals is the monotonous task cycle. After a certain period, any form of monotony causes depression and gradually reduces the alacrity. One is certain in software engineering that there is always something new, more challenging, and exciting. The field of software engineering is more significant than you think. In a small software firm, you will find a group of people is working on the logic design. In contrast, another team is on Graphical User Interface (GUI) design role. Designing, building, rebuilding, testing, and the list of team roles keep getting more significant in a software firm.

As a software engineer, you will never feel that you are doing the same thing repeatedly. There are always new projects, constantly new challenges, and always scope to apply your creativity innovatively. And in the worst case, there are multiple options to switch. If you no longer enjoy GUI design, you can always switch to some other role. By nature, we humans love to have choices. And that is what you will get as a software engineer. That is why study software engineering.

How to Become a Software Engineer

Now the question is – ‘How to become a good software engineer?’. It is a delusional question. The answer to this question is straightforward and complicated at the same time. The straight answer is – ‘You can be a software engineering by getting admitted to software engineering school and graduating.’ But to be a sound software engineer, you must be admitted to a good software engineering school. You can apply for scholarship if you have financial problem. Use the button below to apply:

And if you take admission to the best university for software engineering, then it is even better. Remember, software engineering is a little different from another engineering. It is impossible to become a sound software engineer without proper guidance, experienced faculty members, well-planned projects, and suitable coursework. For example – the best university to study software engineering in Bangladesh is Daffodil International University (DIU). Want to get admitted here? Click on the button below to take the first step of becoming a software engineer.