If someone suggests you to study agriculture, the first question you will have is – Why Study Agriculture? In this article, we are going to see what you can do with a degree in Agricultural Science. If you are planning to study Agriculture or curious to about the job opportunities for graduates with a degree in Agriculture, it is going to be a comprehensive article for you.

What is Agriculture?

Agriculture is the study of farming including both theoretical and practical aspects. It is one of the oldest industries developed by mankind. As a matter of fact, the root of the modern civilization founded in the Bronze Age by the progress of agriculture. The recent advancement of technology in agriculture improved this sector significantly and the bests are yet to come. Inventions and innovations such as genetically modified seeds, automatic seed drilling, and application of artificial intelligence (AI) powered drone to plant and monitor the farm have awarded farming the recognition as science.

So, what is agriculture? Agriculture is a field of science that studies both practical and theoretical aspects of farming.


The scope of research and development in agricultural sector is enormous. According to a report published by Forbes, agriculture is the largest industry of the world. It is also the largest employers worldwide. The application of modern technology, the demand of extensive research and development, genetic engineering in crops, and the rising demand of food supply have made Agricultural study an attractive field of study with a growing scope of employment.

Why Study Agriculture?

Prerequisite to Study Agriculture

A common question asked my students – What should I study if I want to study agriculture? As it is a branch of science, there are some prerequisite to fulfill before starting a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture. In this section, you will learn what background you need to get enrolled in undergraduate programs related to Agriculture.

The heart of the modern agriculture study in science. That means having a science background is mandatory. However, degree in economics and business studies add knowledge diversity by opening the door to introduce tactical marketing for agro product, profit maximization by the application of economics and so on. While additional knowledge apart from core science can add additional benefits, mandatory field of science such as basic chemistry and mathematics are essential to get enrolled in agriculture degree. Along with those, the most important field of science to study before studying agriculture is biology.

Agriculture not only deals with plants and animals but also encapsulate the field of people’s dietary needs. That is why extensive knowledge on biology is mandatory before starting agriculture degree. The environmental and geographical effect on farming is inseparable. That is why having expertise in geography and environmental science is another prerequisite for agricultural science. Like other fields of science, Agriculture is a mix of academia and practical work. Students studying agriculture spend time on both theoretical study and practical application. Which develops not only the capability to understand the concept but also applying it while gaining the skill of farm management.

Job Opportunities for Agriculture Graduates

Studying a subject has no visible job field doesn’t worth it. Your field of study should ensure a secured career. Otherwise what is the point of investing all those hours and carrying only a certificate at the end? Whenever people hear about studying agriculture, a common question arises – What jobs do people who study agriculture do after graduation? The answer to this question is here.

The most common position a graduate in agriculture gets is as manager on a conventional farm. It doesn’t have to be crop facility all the time. The role can be in fish farm or in managed forest land. In any of the cases the job is well paid and highly rewarding. Food production is a crucial factor for the society. It is the role of the farm manager to make sure the food production of a farm is as it is expected. Along with farm managers, there are roles as farm specialists. Normally farm specialists look after some particular section of a farm.

One of the most attractive career path in agriculture is biotechnology. Normally large farms and agro-research facilities hire graduates in agriculture to conduct research in genetically modified crops, advance fertilizer, pesticide control and other relevant fields. It is a very high paying job. However, it requires top notch research knowledge and expertise in biotechnology. In many aspects of biotechnological research in agriculture raises questions. In order to monitor the ethical standards, regulatory authority hires graduates in agricultures to audit research facilities. Auditor is another job position for agriculture graduates.

Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is actually the combination of multi-dimensional sections. As a result there are always scopes of innovations. Which lead to entrepreneurial opportunities. There are many examples of disruptive innovations in agriculture and rise of entrepreneurs.

The job opportunities for graduates in agriculture is huge. Here is a small list of top paying job roles in agriculture:

  1. Agricultural consultant: Normally agricultural consultants earn $36,000 – $62,000 per year.
  2. Estates manager: The average annual income of estate managers are $70,000 to $93,000.
  3. Farm manager: On an average, farm managers earn around $57,000 to $62,000 per year.
  4. Fish farm manager: The average annual earning for of fish farm manager is $25,000 to $70,000.
  5. Plant breeder also known as geneticist: Normally a Plant Breeder earns $63,000 to $87,000 per year.
  6. Rural practice surveyor: The average salary of rural practice surveyor per year is $82,000 to $92,000.
  7. Soil Scientist: On an average, a soil scientist earns $58,000 to $89,000 yearly.

Why Study Agriculture?

Now, if the question is asked – ‘why study agriculture?’ – We believe you already know the answer. It is the world’s largest industry. This industry is also the world’s largest employer. The graduate to employment ratio for graduates in agriculture is 70%. Estimated 7.3% of the graduates pursue postgraduate degree after earning bachelor degree in agriculture. Around 6.8% of the students continue job and post-graduation at the same time. Around 10% of the agriculture graduates become entrepreneurs. Only 5.9% students are remain unemployed either deliberately or for some other cause.

Studying agriculture means opening the door to a bright future with hundreds of high paying job opportunities. However, if you want to study agriculture from top rank universities of the world, you have to pay pretty good amount of tuition fee. Including tuition fee and other educational expenses, it becomes very expensive graduation program.

Scholarship for Agriculture Study

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