Why Study Abroad

It is always good to ask question. If someone tells you to study abroad, of course you will ask why? Every year thousands of students from around the world go to different countries to study. There must be a reason behind it. Actually, it is not one reason but many reasons. In this article we will answer the question – why study abroad?

Why anyone should consider studying abroad. Leaving the home, country, adjusting to new environment, finding new place to live, re-organizing one’s life and tons of other problems a student have to face to study abroad. Yet the influx of international students are at the rise. But why? We believe the following 10 reasons are enough to illustrate the answer in your mind

  1. Become Independent: Studying abroad will make you self-dependent,
  2. Cultural Diversity: You will learn to deal with multiple culture,
  3. Better Job Opportunity: An international degree will give you privilege  in job market
  4. Educational Development: Learning in new ways
  5. Knowing Yourself: You will be able compare yourself with people from different nation
  6. Get Rid of Homesickness: You will be skillful and efficient in traveling
  7. Broaden Your Network: It will extend your network internationally
  8. Language Skill: You will speak a new language as the natives do
  9. Scholarship and Financial Aid: You will get scholarship and financial aid as international student
  10. Bringing New Skill-set to Home: Once you will have returned from abroad, you will have brought tons of new skill-set with you.

We believe these 10 reasons are enough to study abroad. Let us elaborate these reasons a little more.

Study Abroad to Become Independent

Becoming independent is one of the most important transition in human life. Whenever a child is born, the parents take care of it. Eventually it grows older, starts learning the world, interacts with the surroundings, makes own decision. However, there is always a guidance and dominance of the family. Those who cannot break the bond and become independent, fail to gain a leadership characteristics in themselves. They fail to gain enough confidence to make decisions. And eventually end up in being a regular grown up man. Whereas he could have been someone exceptional, a global leader, a legend.

No greatness can be born without independence. And that is what the study abroad offers. When you go for it, you are totally on your own. You make your own decision, you lead the life the way you want, you learn from your mistakes and make your life better. The challenge of taking care of yourself, being on your on will make you a stronger, better and more confident. This is why you should try for an international degree. To be lead your life in your way, to make mistakes to learn from them and in a nutshell, to become a better you, you should go to study abroad.

Study Abroad for Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity helps developing a strong personality. When you will go to study abroad, you will open up yourself to new culture. Things appreciated in your culture may be forbidden in another culture. The manner that represents modesty in one culture may be consider as serious offense in another culture. When your personality engages in two different culture, it develops the sense of perspective meaning. It trains your mind to perceive the relative emotion of people around you. And thus you become better at social interaction, you become more effective in verbal and non-verbal communication. And in a nutshell, you will gain an appreciable personality that can have positive influence in all aspect of your life when you go to study abroad.

Study Abroad for Better Job Opportunity

‘Get a foreign degree, get a better opportunity in job market’ – as simple as that. A survey were conducted on the effectiveness of international degree in job market at the beginning of this year. The result shows that interview boards and hiring managers have the tendency of preferring candidates with a foreign degree. A degree earned from local educational institution reflects your achievements. On the other hand, a degree earned from foreign educational intuition not only reflects your achievement but also represents your courage and capability. A guy who leaves his country, home, and everything behind to pursue his dream, is without any doubt the best fit for his dream job. He will do anything to the best at the job. This is why hiring managers, interviewers and clients always prefer candidates with a foreign degree. And if you want the preference in the job market, distinguish yourself during the interview session, you have to study abroad.

Study Abroad for Educational Development

Study abroad means studying outside of your country. The education system of a country is govern by the culture, practice and tradition of a country. Each country has their own way. When you study abroad, you not only learn the way the educational institution of your home country conduct courses, but also you learn the way some other international educational institution. That means you gain the ability to combine both ways and form your unique and better way of learning. You can compare the two education systems, find out the limitations and better the quality of the education. This is how study abroad helps in educational development.

Study Abroad to Know Yourself

To know your true self, you must have to see yourself in places you don’t know, with people do not follow your culture, and among people don’t judge on your past. It is possible only when you study abroad. You mix with a group of people who follow different culture. When you go to study abroad, the people around you learns about you from your behavior and your response to them. They do not know your past and thus treat you the way actually you are. The behavior of the people who already know is always biased by the past experience. You will never see your true self in their eyes. To know who you really are, what you are capable of doing, how good you are at handling yourself, how good you are at coping up with difficulties can be revealed when you move out of your comfort zone. And study abroad is the best way to do so.

Study Abroad to Get Rid of Homesickness

Home sickness can impose serious threat to your professional life. You may need to travel here and there, from country to country in your professional life. Think of the position of a country manager of a multinational company. He needs to go to different countries to attend meetings and other official task. Think of the CEO of a multinational company. He needs to go to different countries. If you are homesick and afraid of leaving home for career, you will be in danger in future. Study abroad can help you get rid of homesickness and to gain the capability of traveling from country to country with ease.

Study Abroad Broaden Your Network

When you will start your career, you will see that it is all about networking. If you do not a broad personal network, you will not be able to utilize your skills. Here network means connection with professionals. If you go abroad, you will have connections in both home and abroad. Trust us on this – nothing works better than connection in career development. So study abroad and broaden your network. Get connected with more people. It will make your way to job market easier.

Study Abroad to Develop Language Skills

Speaking more than one language is always appreciated. Study abroad can help you learning a new language and picking up the accent of native speaker. You can always learn a new language. However, it is not possible to develop the accent like native speaker unless you interact with them 24X7, 365 days a year. We humans are natural language learning machines. When you study abroad, you automatically start learning the foreign language the way it is spoken.

Study Abroad to Get Scholarship and Financial Aid

Study abroad to get scholarships and financial aids. No matter in which country you go to study, there will always be some scholarship programs dedicated to international students. Both educational instructions and the government offer scholarships and financial aid to international students. As they are dedicated to international students only, you can earn these scholarships or manage financial aid to finance your education with less competition. Scholarship awards are always competitive. And managing a financial aid to fund your education is a tough challenge. However, when you are an international student, you can bypass the extreme competition and make your way to earn the scholarships and financial aid easily by targeting scholarships for international students.

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Study Abroad to Bring New Skillsets to Home

After completing your study abroad, when you will return home, you will not only get yourself back to the country, but also bring a new skillets back to the country. If you are from underdeveloped or developing countries and go to study abroad to developed countries, then the skillsets you will have gained during your education period will be valuable asset when you will have returned to your home country.

The quality of education and way of education in top rank universities of the developed countries are much better than those of underdeveloped and developing countries. You can find out the limitations and lacking of the education system of your country and help developing it. Moreover, you can introduce the positive features of the culture you experienced in abroad in your country.

Study abroad does not mean simply completing the degree criteria from an education institution of other countries. Studying abroad means much more. Along with an international degree and recognition, study abroad makes you a better person, builds a strong personality in you, makes you more confident, develops whole new set of skills in you and in a nutshell prepare you for the future in the best possible way. And that is why you should study abroad. So, why study abroad? We hope that you have found your answer.