Why Study Engineering?

Should I study engineering or not – a common question high school students frequently look for the answer. Although engineering school requires terrific amount of time and effort, it is one of the most popular field of studies in undergraduate level. Like any other career choices, engineering comes with pros and cons. High school (higher secondary school) students constantly weighs the pros and cons of studying engineering. As a matter of fact, current engineering students sometimes wonder whether they should continue or not. Having confusions? Let’s have a look at the top reasons to study engineering.

‘Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do’ – Pele.

Top 7 Reasons to Study Engineering

Confusion and hesitation during choosing the college major absolutely normal. However, it is a critical decision to make. The future of a student depends on it. A wrong decision may cause lifetime regret. In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most popular college degree, engineering and why should you study it.  Here are the top 7 reasons why you should study engineering:

Engineering Degrees are Prestigious

Everyone knows how challenging it is to study engineering. It requires way to much more effort and sacrifice to qualify as an engineer. Look at the world around you – the advanced communication technology, marvelous skyscrapers, mind-blowing artificial intelligence – all these are wonders to regular people and implementable theories to engineers. And that is why non-engineers be like “wow” when they meet with an engineer. So, why study engineering? Perhaps the simplest answer is for prestige and pride.

Engineers Innovate World Wonders

No matter where ever you look at today’s world, innovation is everywhere. Starting your comfortable Uber rides to virtual assistant, automatic crop production management to food production, innovative approaches are everywhere. And engineers are at the core of all of these. The modern world is shaped by the engineers. They innovate and the world wonders. If you have innovative ideas you believe have the potential to revolutionize a section, engineering can enable you to implement your ideas. So, why study engineering? We believe this time the answer is to implement your ideas.

Develops Psychology of Professional Success

Engineering programs change the psychology of the students. The entire thinking process is reordered during the program. Logical thinking, critical analysis, multidimensional relation among elements are few of the regular practice in engineering. Precise calculation, measured approach, success oriented assessment develops the psychology of engineers in such a way that they become ready for any challenge in career. So, why studying engineering? Definitely the answer is for professional success.

Gaining Unmatched Problem Solving Capability

Once of the core aspects of engineering is analyzing everything before implementation. For example – an electrical engineer designing a product does brain storming to find out the flaws and challenges, a civil engineering take into considering every single details including the weather and flow of wind of an area before designing a house. In their analysis, engineers include every limitation, possibility, problem and solution while working. Such repetitive practice develops critical problem solving capabilities. Where regular people get stuck, a mind of an engineer finds it a piece of cake to solve the problem. So, why studying engineering? Of course to gain extreme problem solving capability.

Economical Solvency

Engineering brings economical solvency. If you do web-research, you will see that majority of the blogs and news-portals state engineering as one of the top-paying field of study. Statistics shows that almost 42% of the top paying jobs are in engineering sectors. As a matter of fact, around 18% of the other top paying jobs are also taken by the engineers. It is a common practice that engineers are moving into non-engineering job sector outperforming the regular employees. Engineering not only prepare you for engineering job but also for other job markets. And thus the economical solvency is assured. On an average, the starting salaries for engineering graduates in United States is $50k to $60k. So why studying engineering? Studying engineering because money matters.

Doorway to Become CEO

Study shows that most of the successful CEOs of this year are from engineering background. You will be surprised to know that 9% of the CSEs of top 1000 companies are from economics, 20% are from business administration and 38% are from engineering background. However, among these 38% of engineers, 23% have a master’s degree in business administration. Engineers can have a master’s degree in any other fields. As a result, whatever degree is preferred for the CEO position, engineers can earn it easily. That is why, there is a recent saying that engineering is the doorway to become CEO. So, why studying engineering? Because it is the way to get rapid career advancement.

Engineering to Make Difference

The Engineering is the degree enables anyone to apply technology to solve real-world problems. Engineers fix problems, design better solutions and innovate to revolutionize the world. Starting from molecular level development to marvelous skyscraper, everywhere you will see the role of the engineers. Everyday our world is becoming a little better world with more affordable facilities than yesterday. Guess who are making this difference? We believe you have got the answer correct – engineers. So, why studying engineering? It is to contribute in developing a better world.

Scholarship for Engineering Program

Do you want to study engineering program? It is one of the top undergraduate degree. Considering employment opportunity, career growth, self-development and career advancement scope we can say studying engineering is a wise decision. If you decision is to study engineering, we would like to suggest you to study in the top rank engineering colleges. We can help you to finance your study. Simply click / tap the button below to apply for scholarship for engineering program in top rank universities of the world:

Engineering programs are different than most of the undergraduate degrees. While other field of study introduces concepts and enables you to work in a particular way, engineering develops critical thinking capability, develops a psychology of professional success, and enables individuals to face any challenge with confidence. That is why you will find engineers working in management, marketing, banking and outperforming corresponding degree holders. It is not only about personal and professional development. It is about making a difference in the world. Making it better with innovation or serving the mankind by providing better solutions and maintaining existing technical infrastructure. So, why study engineering? Well, it is for a better future, better career and for a better world.