Why Study Humanities

Right after the completing bachelor’s degree, more than 76% graduates look for job instead of aiming for further study [1]. No doubt that it is a common dilemma of soon-to-be college students whether their preferred degrees are going to lead to a good job after graduation or not. Are you in such type of confusion? Have you ever think of having an undergraduate degree in Humanities?  This question leads to another question – Why Study Humanities? In this article we are going to answer to this question.

Top Reasons of Studying Humanities

Sometimes the logical mind says one thing and emotional heart says otherwise. This is a common dilemma while choosing the undergraduate degree. Today’s technological revolution may push you to get a college degree in science and engineering. Definitely it is a logical decision. However, if you are passionate about ideas, creativity and communication, having a bachelor’s of Arts in Humanities can lead you to better success. Let’s see the top reasons to study humanities.

Diverse Career Opportunity

If you think today’s job market is all about technical skills, then you have missed 50% of the whole scenario. Yes, technical skills are mandatory to implement ideas. And idea is one of the raw materials of today’s innovation based industry 4.0 [2]. The creativity, critical thinking and feasible idea formation are the responsibility of Humanities graduates. The core philosophy behind Humanities is that the people are naturally subjective. And everything else should focus on that. The Bachelor’s degree in Humanities discover the flexibility of human mind. Make them open-minded. And a flexible open-mind is the factory of ideas. And that is why there are many industries always have job opening for Humanities graduates. Some of them are:

  1. Job in Journalism and Publishing
  2. Teaching Profession
  3. Work in Embassies
  4. Advertisement Agencies Job

Job in Journalism and Publishing

Many of the world’s famous and successful journalists have degree in Humanities. Discovering human nature, effective communication and analytical skills of Humanities graduates play vital role while covering news stories. Throughout their graduation period, Humanities students master the art of narration that touches the human heart. And this is exactly what the publishing industry look for.

Teaching Profession

There is always scope of teaching what you will have learned from your 4 year college degree in Humanities. It doesn’t have to be a regular teaching profession. The internet is filled with technical staffs where everyone is a teacher. Why don’t you teach Humanities online? And if you are really good, why not working in a university or college and teach online at the same time?

Work in Embassies

The Bachelors of Arts in Humanities offers multiple discipline to focus. If you do major in culture, you will have great chance of lading jobs at embassies of different countries. It is essential for embassies to understand the culture of a country where it is situated. And a Humanities graduate with major in that culture is the most qualified candidate to be appointed to take care of the cultural issues.

These are few of many diverse career opportunities for humanities graduates. That is why study humanities.

Advertisement Agencies Job

Have you ever thought why some advertisements touches your heart while many are just plain boring or annoying? A successful advertisement can lead to millions of sale. The advertisement agencies studies the product and the market before planning an ad. They analyze the society, human nature, culture and try to come up with ads that will have an impact on the target audience. Now guess whose responsibility is to perform all these critical thinking, cultural analysis and design narrations that touches the heart of the human mind? It is the responsibility of the Humanities graduates. That is why study humanities.

High-Paying Jobs

If you are thinking there high-paying jobs are for MBAs and Engineers, then you are thinking without market study. By studying Humanities you can land on high-paying jobs. Here are a set of high paying jobs for Humanities graduates:

Content Strategist

The average yearly earning of content strategies is $90,000. The Humanities graduates with experience in journalism or publishing industry are preferred as content strategists.

Communication Managers

The annual earning of a Communication Manager is $87,000. A bachelor’s degree in Humanities with major in communication by far the most preferred qualification for a job position as communication manager.

Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing is the state of art marketing strategy nowadays. And you know who are excellent in narrative representation that touches the human heart the way it is intended to. Yes, we are talking about Humanities graduates. The average yearly income of a content marketing manager is $62,000 to $76,000.

Editors and Technical Writers

All those hours trying to grasp the essence of Shakespeare or John Donne are fruitful when you land on job as editor or technical writer. As an editor, your responsibility is to make the contents you edit sensible. And as a technical writer, it is your responsibility to find creative ways to express the technical terms. The average yearly pay for these roles is $72,000 to $78,000.

Proposal Writer

Writing skills are always preferred. Especially in the field of business proposal. It is a very high paying job for Humanities graduates with a degree in English Language & Literature. The average annual payment for proposal writers is $50,000 to $62,000.

The first concern before choosing a college degree is the change of getting a good job with that degree. And good job definitely means a job that offers fact check. A Bachelor’s degree in Humanities is such a degree. That is why study humanities.

Shape the Quality of Life

Rest of the world just live whereas the Humanities graduates analyze the quality of living. How you can focus of better life if you do not know how to define the quality of life? The knowledge of Humanities study show us the path of better life, reshape the society the way it should go and guide the human mind. And that is why study humanities.

Scholarship for Humanities Study

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The human civilization is now dependent on technology that is why everywhere there is the victory of technology related subject. All of everything has always been about business and making money. That is why degree in business, management and finance are evaluated heavily. However, the human nature at the heart of everything. At the end of the day, everything is for human, society and culture. And Humanities are academic branches that study aspects of human society and culture. That is why study humanities.


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[2] H.G. Puurtinen, P. Pohjola, J. Siivonen, “Co-creative Value Enrichment – Demonstration Environments Leveraging Ideas to Market” in ISPIM Conference Proceedings; Manchester, (2020).